Soda Creek

Rock • Blues • Acoustic

Soda Creek is a band from Dunsmuir, CA currently playing around Northern California and coming to a venue near you. As a a band that's anything from a dualing-guitar duo, to a full 6-piece band, we can fit comfortably into type of venue, in both size and genre. We also provide a full sound ranging from soft acoustic music (great for dinner sets) to blues and good ol’ Rock and Roll. If room allows, we often bring a few other friends with us with instruments ranging from bass guitar to harmonica. Our equipment is the highest professional quality for excellent sound at any volume so patrons can enjoy their dinner, conversation, and music all at the same time. 

If you're looking for a great band with an extensive repertoire, look no further.  

We are available for clubs, private parties, and outdoor events.


Michael Smith

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Michael started as a trumpet player at age 12 and went on to graduate from the Naval School of Music playing with the Army Command Bands in Arlington and Hawaii.  He then played professionally in the New York market for 12 years as a Lead Singer and Guitarist.  He left the professional music scene to work in the corporate world for 30 years.  He returned to playing professionally nine years ago in San Francisco, playing corporate events and company parties in an acoustic duo.  

Retiring to Dunsmuir in 2009, Smith began playing with Schwindeman, and they have spent the last two years preparing they’re Acoustic/Electric 12 String Band. 

Go-To Gear: Fender blah blah and an Eganator blah blah with two 1x12 Eganator speaker cabinets blah blah blah. 

Carl Schwindeman

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Carl began playing guitar at age 12 and in his first performing band at 14. By 18 he was playing live performances as a solid side man for large acts in the Bay Area. He continued performing until 1980 when he joined the David Crosby Band (former Crosby Stills and Nash lead Singer and guitarist) and toured for three years.

He moved to Mount Shasta in 1996, started a home recording studio, and now plays local gigs living in Dunsmuir.

Go-To Gear: Fender Stratocaster and Gibson SG with Carvin Belair 212 Combo

Ben Helms

Drums & Percussion

Growing up in the Bay Area, Ben learned to play drums from several professional musicians in Marin County, CA. He played in his high school’s touring jazz band, as well as his rock band, Left For Dead, which toured throughout the North Bay. In college, he learned to read music within his music major, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities within percussion. As a drummer, Ben likes to think that he is influenced by every genre, but most of the time he relies on good ol’ fashioned rock. 

Go-To Gear: Ludwig Centennial Series maple kit with Sabian HHX 14" Stage hi-hats, Zildjian A Custom 17" Crash, Paiste 2002 18" Heavy Crash, and Zildjian A Custom 20" Ride



Richard Lucas began his musical career at age 9, singing with the American Boychoir School in Princeton, NJ. He then formed Crossbow, an 8-piece band through high school, playing bass and singing lead. For the next 5 years, he played drums with a jazz-rock band in New Orleans. Eventually migrating back to bass, he played in Berkeley, CA for 5 years and has been playing bass, singing back-up vocals and arranging with various Mount Shasta area bands for 25 years. 

Go-To Gear:  Pedula 5 string MVP flame maple bass, Gallien-Krueger MBE-lll Bass Amp, David Eden World Tour 800 Bass Amp, and David Eden D210XST Bass Cabinets


Andy Aguilera 

Blues harp

[Still need 80-100 word bio for Andy.]


Go-To Gear:  

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